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Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated ® has been and will continue to be in the forefront of social justice to promote fairness and equality. We will equip communities with the tools, knowledge, and support to activate their voices and mobilize self-help to empower communities to help themselves. We take the lead in working for and with our communities to empower others and act in the best interests of all people through social advocacy and justice.

Areas of Focus

  • Voter Education, Registration, and Mobilization

  • Public Policy Forums

  • Candidate Forums

  • Public Servant’s Guides

For more information visit

Your Vote Matters.png

The Ladies of Sigma Zeta Omega encourage you to verify your voter registration status with the State of Delaware. This can be done via
Once on the website, enter your information on the form. If you are registered, you will then be taken to the registrant detail page. Look to see the status “ACTIVE” among the details.
If you are not registered, the State of Delaware provides an online tool to register. Click “Not Yet Registered?” on, and fill out the form.
Even in election off-years, it is critically important to ensure continuous registration to avoid surprises once elections (primary and general) arrive.

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